Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Let the good times roll

So I've decided to give road tubeless a shot.  Being a lighter rider who gets knocked around a fair amount with my fine assortment of bone-rattling aluminum bikes, I stand to benefit a great deal with tubeless clinchers that allow one to run about 15psi less than standard without fear of pinch flats.  The reviews -- Outside, Velonews -- of the wheels have been very positive, and I personally have had a pair of Shimano Dura-Ace wheels that really did feel fast.  On a side note, if you plan on winning an auction in Ebay, it is absolutely essential that you make use of the Countdown feature that allows you to see bids in real time.

Another reason Jenna and I needed to make a wheels purchase is because we've been gradually accumulating frames -- but not wheels -- for quite some time.  In the past few years we've lost a wheel here and a wheel there; and now we're in a full-on hoop crisis.  When you ride 1000 hours a year (Jenna and I combined) you'll find equipment doesn't last as long as you think.  I don't think our wheel-buying days are passed us just yet, either.

With these tubeless clinchers I'm also hopeful that they'll come in handy in 'cross.  I've heard you can run the tubeless cross tires at 30psi, and if that's true then it saves me the hassle of springing for tubulars as well.  Once D-Bone gets me on a new cross race bike, I'll have to see how these tubeless clinchers hold up on grass.

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