Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mothers-to-be Day

It's the first quasi-Mother's Day for me, and I had a fun day so far. It started off with a really nice ride with the ladies down to Boulder and back. After the ride Isaac and I were going to go up to Fort Collins, and since it was so nice out, I tried to pick out something summery to wear. It was depressing to find that NONE of my old shorts, capris, or skirts fit. I tried on so much, and it just wouldn't work! I have one (elastic-waist) skirt I got this year, and I had a nice green shirt I wanted to wear, but of course they didn't match at all. I eventually settled on the skirt and a different shirt, since my only other options were jeans, work pants, or going bottomless!

So, then Isaac had to take me shopping. I got a nice stretchy dress, a black skirt, and a few tops that should last a little while at least! I'm not ready to wear full-on maternity stuff yet, so I'll have to make do with bigger sizes for now.

Next step: find a dress for a "Black Tie Optional" wedding.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there!

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