Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fourth of July Fireworks

Isaac, Chip, Zoe and I went to see the fireworks tonight, so I wanted to try out my camera on the show. It was pretty cool - we had it on a tripod and set it to 4 seconds shutter speed, then pressed the remote and watched it work! This picture is actually a collage of a few different pictures, but they're all shots we took tonight in town.

Unfortunately, Longmont's fireworks aren't even as good as Merrimack's! People all got up to leave and we all said "nah, that can't be it yet," but it was! I guess in Colorado people love setting off their own fireworks and the town shows aren't all that great.

Also went to a party, so we'll post some photos from the BBQ later, including some of Nola!

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