Monday, August 4, 2008

Surprise Baby Shower!

This weekend we had a lot of Isaac's family in town for a vacation, so tons of Dancies are squished into our little house. Then, on Saturday morning the doorbell rang, and I was shocked to find my parents at the door! (see the surprise on their blog). Yesterday, after some careful coaxing by Isaac of how I should "call Jennifer and stop by to see Nola" and "go shopping with Leigh on the way" I arrived at Kevin and Jennifer's to find 30+ friends and family there for the surprise!

Here's a couple of photos, but we need to get the pictures from other people's cameras too.

Heading out for 2 days of camping in Rocky Mountain National Park!

Thanks everyone for the shower and the gifts and thanks to the great hosts for the nice catering too!

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Loosey said...

Great weekend! Pa and I were happy to be able to surprise you, and it was great that you went along and let yourself be "surprised" by the Shower. Your friends are all so nice, and how wonderful of Kevin and Jennifer to open their home to us all like that.