Tuesday, September 30, 2008

1 Month To Go!

It's that time already - my 8 month update - which means only 1 month until my due date! Isaac is still convinced I'll go into November, but at least at this point we're guaranteed to see the baby some time in the next 6 weeks! Could be much sooner of course too, but it's nice to know the lungs are developed enough and there's really no risk.

In the photo my belly doesn't look that much bigger, which is surprising, but I think it's the shirt and the angle. The baby has recently rotated around a bit too - he's been head down for a long time, but now I have kicks on both sides.

We've got fun plans for this weekend in Frisco, so I hope he doesn't come too soon.

Next on my agenda... packing for the hospital!

1 comment:

Loosey said...

This is just so cute. You should have a big photo printed for DanDan's room! Maybe get one more shot right before you get carted off to the hospital!