Monday, September 29, 2008

Crossing into the Baby Watch

This weekend Jenna's mom paid us a visit to get one last glimpse of the baby bump before DanDan arrives. On Saturday we dragged her to Interlocken for some cyclocross, one of the best venues of the entire season.

Bodies are always flying on lap 1 in cyclocross.

Always lots of support as you run the Blue Sky Nation gauntlet.

The Interlocken course packs all the transitions in one tightly wrapped section, with a run-up ...

... and then some sand ...

... before another section of barriers ... BTW, I think my fine ass is enough to keep Jenna's mind off the baby watch for at least a couple of weeks.

On the final lap I came together with a group of 4 and many attacks were thrown. I managed to mark a few moves and ultimately finished 8th.

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