Thursday, September 18, 2008

Serving Notice

I suppose we can re-negotiate at 40 weeks, but I'm sure DanDan's mom will be in no mood for it...


Jenna said...

This literally made me laugh out loud :-) Wasn't expecting to see an eviction notice!

I like the "40 week lease" and "pressing on bladder".

Unknown said...

That reminds me of what my brother sent out a bit ago to tell us his wife was pregnant:

There is a baby in Shannon's uterus.

It must have crawled in there when we weren't looking, because I don't remember it asking for permission or signing a lease agreement. It has not told us it's name or gender yet, but the doctor said it will leave it's host around February 9, 2009.

Turkey Dave said...

No way!
That is so funny!
Consider notice served!

Hope you dont have to call the cops Jenna!

Jose said...

I'm a fish...I totally bit and was hooked!!!