Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cross @ Xilinx presented by Blue Sky Velo

As a total team effort -- let alone a first effort -- our 'cross race this last weekend was most excellent. There were a few bumps but we held it together. I may not be impartial but I've never had as much fun on a 'cross course as I did racing on Saturday -- I know there were a few rumblings from some folks but I'm inclined to take the word of Georgia Gould and some other national-level racers who anointed our course and race experience as one of the best they've encountered.

I didn't have the best race but I enjoyed it. My start was awful (considering I started from the front row) but I did get it together and move forward in a way that I never could in 2007. I only went 37 minutes so maybe I get a few more spots going the full 45.

Still digging the tubbies even if I obsess about the bond holding.

There'll be an uprising if this post doesn't include at least some digital celluloid of the little man on campus. Here he is enjoying his bouncy seat.

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