Thursday, October 30, 2008

First Ride Back

I enjoyed my first time back on the bike today - 58 minutes, 13miles - not exactly fast, but it was on a 'cross bike and I think my mechanic needs to adjust it a little more. It felt great to be out there without a preggo belly, without having to waddle-pedal! And I loved not having to worry about my heart rate, it didn't matter that on every little hill I was in the easiest gear and still at a pretty high heart rate!

Isaac's mom was on a bike 5 days after he was born, but I think 18 days is still respectable! And today is Aidan's due date. Have I mentioned lately how glad I am he came out early, at 6-12? I'm so glad I'm not still pregnant! And so glad I didn't have to give birth to a big baby!

At least I can only get better from here on the bike. Should help me lose some baby weight. So far I lost about 20 pounds, but I have a long way to go, as seen in the photos! :-)

p.s. Sorry the photo below is funky - I left the white balance on Tungsten, so it was super blue to begin with. We adjusted it as best we could to remove the color cast.

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Loosey said...

I remember the birth well! "Give me an epidural! Give me one now! Where's my epidural???" But you did without! Yes, it's great that he was so early! I'm glad to see you out on your bike already too, but where's today's AJ photos???