Monday, October 6, 2008

Frisco 'Cross

Last weekend Jenna and I made our last trip to the mountains without a kid. We were headed to the land of wood chips and jungle 'cross also known as the Frisco Nordic Center. The Blue Sky compound was in full effect with multiple tents, Merle, and rental houses galore. Jenna pulled some preggo strings to land the master suite.

On Saturday I debuted some newly glued tubulars that were super smooth on the grass, though I cringed a little on the singletrack as I was trying to avoid rocks, roots and whatever else. I finished 7th.

On Sunday my start was not so hot and there weren't all that many good opportunities to pass. Sitting 4th in a string of riders I was looking to pass, I took a corner a bit tight and hit the ground hard ... there was a root (what else could it be?!) right in the apex of the turn and I nailed head to ground.

After 1 lap on a poorly functioning bike and 1 lap on Kevin's bike, I was back on my dialed Ridley (after Blue Sky Nation had it working again). I was gassed and hemorrhaging positions, but I was finally recovered by the last lap.

I got a couple spots back on the last lap and hammered to the line for 14th. I didn't want to leave the weekend on a sour note so I took the line for the open race. I spent the hour by myself but I did manage to beat 6 or 7 guys. We finished the weekend with a kingly feast in Breckenridge with the Corbrahams!

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