Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More Cute Things!

Aidan received 4 packages yesterday, so he's got all sorts of new stuff to try out. He's got a fancy hand-made quilt to lie on, a really nice silver piggy bank in the shape of a horse, lots of clothes, a hat, and some toys! I've got some shelves to put up in his room, so we can put his piggy bank on there. The clothes are great, similar to what I've gotten him but slightly different, with the cute dogs and jungle friends. I'll try out his warm hat later on a walk. Thanks to my Great Aunt Kathleen and her friend Pam, my Grandmother, and Heather and Sohrab.

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Loosey said...

AJ has so many cute things! I can't wait to go to OshKosh with you next time we are in CO. Just don't go without me!