Friday, October 24, 2008

Our Bundle of Joy

We're like all typical new parents - we can't take enough photos, can't get enough of Aidan! He's so cute and so funny! He likes to pick up his head and look around, all wide eyed. He likes to sleep with his arms over his head - if we swaddle him he'll always get his hands out. He's figured out how to suck his thumb and his fingers a few times. Over the last few days he's had more alert times in the evening or at night, so we're trying to shift it. Today he ate even more frequently and was often awake and alert afterward, so I think the night time sleep sessions should get longer. He doesn't actually ever cry at night, but sometimes he just wants to be awake. He also likes to pee every time we change his diaper, I guess like most little boys! We're having some leakage issues too, so he ends up wearing about 5 outfits a day (and we just bought our third kind of diapers to try). He really doesn't ever fuss or cry right now, he just smacks his lips when he's hungry and makes a little noise if he's wet.

The Leibigs are wondering what we'll blog for kid #4 (although I don't think there will be one for us) - Thomas is 19 months old, and doesn't have a birth announcement yet! Their first born had lots of music videos, lots of photos, and they sterilized everything for her.

Good Night!


Loosey said...

Yay! Aidan has his hands free!!! He is such a Blake with those arms above his head!!!

judoka5 said...

Sign language at this age.