Monday, October 20, 2008

Welcome Back James!

My brother, a sergeant in the US Marine Corps, arrived home from Afghanistan Saturday night! We're so glad he's back safe and so proud that he was over there fighting. It's funny, he actually headed there right when I found out I was pregnant, and he left Afghanistan the day Aidan was born! His daughter Kali was super excited to see him and played with him all day Sunday.


Loosey said...

I was so glad that he called right away to congratulate you on Aidan's birth. Yep, it's funny that he was away the exact amout of time you were pregnant! I hope we can all get together for the holidays!

Brittany Spencer- Realtor said...

It's soooooo great to have him home! Kali is all about her Daddy, and I am enjoying watching them play together! Can't wait to meet Aidan!

judoka5 said...

Welcome home James. We are proud of you. Grandad & sue