Thursday, November 13, 2008

Aidan @ One Month

Since Aidan was one month old yesterday, I figured I should provide a little update of what he does these days:
  • Smiles; usually accidentally/unconsciously but sometimes he smiles at us and it seems like he sort of knows what he's doing.
  • Can move himself in the crib a little; we've found him against the edge and lying diagonal in there.
  • Scoots himself forward; if we put him on his belly and put our hands behind his feet, he can push off and move his whole body forward!
  • Grunts; usually just in the morning when we put him back down, but other random times too. Hard to figure out exactly why...
  • Loves to pee/poop when we take off his diaper; he's done that on both changing tables, and also peed in the bath and at the doctor's office!
  • Eats a lot; feeds every 2-3 hours during the day and every 3-4 at night. Last night he did a 5 hour stretch for the first time! Wahoo!
  • Holds his head up; as seen in the photos, he's pretty good at it!
  • Sleeps well; falls asleep easily in his own crib at night and during the day. Usually has extended wake times in the morning and evening, then shorter times throughout the day.

And a little Jenna update:
  • Showered and dressed properly every day!
  • Exercised every day for the last 2 weeks, and didn't even miss a feeding! I left Aidan with Isaac or Marie and left plenty of breast milk in the freezer, but he always seems to wait for me! He doesn't mind having a bottle though, which is nice.
  • Lost 20 pounds, but lots more to go...
  • Knit about 1/3 of his Christmas stocking. Got about 6 more weeks to finish it.

Smiling up at me.


Loosey said...

And of course, there's Kali's Colorado stocking too! Great update thanks! There seem to be some photos missing in this Blog... hint, hint! :-)

Loosey said...

Glad you took a hint and added that photo!