Sunday, November 9, 2008

Boss of 'Cross

Yesterday's race was in Chatfield State Park; with 50% of the course on single-track, it was a day for the mountain bikers. Today conversely, run on the Wheels of Thunder course in Golden, was a day for the roadies.

I knew something was amiss right away because I was 3rd going into the hole-shot. After giving up a few spots I was quickly joined by the Magician, and we went to work. Coming through the start-finish we made contact with the 4th-placed rider. He was looking for a wheel to sit on, so the Magician and I used this as a rare opportunity to play team tactics during a 'cross race. Here's Kevin Abraham's call of the situation:

"Who is on my wheel? Ok, it's Bill."

"See ya!"

With Bill leading the chase group as the policeman, I quickly rolled up a decent gap. I was running like I stole something.

Amid the weeds at the Wheels-of-Thunder course.

For a few laps I made some ground on 3rd place, but eventually my race was a race with the train of 5+ racers chasing me down.

Hanging on.

Through the *high* barriers. Marty flatters me with her compliments of my porting technique.

Less than a lap to go and I'm doing my best to hang on for 3rd. BTW, this is as close to a smile as you're going to get after 45 minute of anaerobic!

The cheering section.

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