Monday, November 17, 2008

Boulder CX #4

After a less than optimal week of training -- read that, one day on the bike, several days snacking on donuts -- I didn't have too many expectations at this Saturday's race. It's a shame because it had the makings of a course that would suit me.

We had an atrocious starter with "Riders Ready, Set ... Ready, Set ... Go". Several riders false started and I was left boxed in before the race even started. Why, oh why, can't the ACA get one of those fake guns like we had in high school track?

150m from the start a rider hit the deck in front of me and I made a miraculous power-slide and somehow didn't go down. About 10 riders behind me stacked it up though. Despite staying upright I was easily somewhere 30-40th place and easily lost close to a minute less than a lap into the race.

There was only so much I could do with subpar legs, but I steadily worked my way up to the top 20 by the end of the race.

Toward the end of the race I made contact with the magician.

The stutter-bump descent.

The Dancy clan.

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Loosey said...

Jenna, you and AJ look so cute!