Thursday, November 27, 2008

Things I'm Thankful For

It goes without saying that I'm most thankful for my absolutely perfect little baby boy. But, I thought I'd also list all the great things that make having Aidan a little easier. I don't know how people did it before!

Honorable mentions:
Bebe au lait nursing cover, Diaper Genie, Vibrating Seat, Swing, Pack'n'play with changing table, Baby Bjorn carrier.

Top Five:

5. Travel System - Stroller/Car Seat/Base

Marie was amazed at how much easier it was to be able to bring Aidan into stores while we were out - no waking him up taking him out of his car seat, or leaving someone in the car with him. The key is having a car seat that clicks into a base (we have one in each car) and also into the stroller.

4. Baby Monitor with Movement Sensor

We didn't sleep at all the first night in the hospital because we just wanted to make sure Aidan kept breathing. Even when we had him sleeping in the bassinet right next to me, I was still nervous. So, at two weeks we moved him to his crib, where we had this monitor. It senses the tiniest movement as the baby breathes, and an alarm goes off if it doesn't detect anything! Makes me sleep much better!

3. Boppy

Makes it so much easier to feed Aidan - I had to buy two so one was always nearby! Also good for propping him up.

2. Medela Pump In Style

I really don't know how women ever went anywhere without having a breastpump - I guess maybe they didn't! Having a pump gives us so much for freedom, and Aidan can still get 100% real milk, all the time! We can go out to dinner, go shopping, etc, and just bring a fresh bottle. I can go to the gym knowing there's plenty of frozen milk if Aidan gets hungry sooner than I expected. And when I go back to work, it'll be a little easier knowing he's still getting the best milk possible.

1. Isaac

I have the best hubby ever! He's so helpful with Aidan, so good with him. I'm lucky he's always been around babies and knows exactly what to do, he loves to hold him and play with him. He takes care of him while I exercise, and he often helps with Aidan's early morning wake time while I'm still dozing. He's a diaper changing pro, and helps get him dressed and ready to go. I try to make it a little easier for him by taking care of all the middle-of-the-night feedings without waking him up. I love you Honey!


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Loosey said...

It's good that you are thankful. But Isaac and AJ are lucky too, to have you as a wife and Mom. It's good to know that you are so happy and content!