Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last Photos of 2008

I had a few more photos that I wanted to post and include in the 2008 Blog Book, but I want to leave the new video at the top for now, so I'm cheating and changing the post time on this. It's really just before midnight, mountain time.

I love my boy!

Grandma is going to miss AJ so much - she wants to come every month!

Such a cute face! Sporting another personalized shirt :-)

I got a haircut yesterday. It was finally getting long but also annoying!

It took Isaac and me (yes it should be "me" and not "I") only 3 days to build this 3428 piece Eiffel Tower!

Shopping spree anyone?? My mom and I had fun.


Loosey said...

I love your Boy too! You should mention that most of those clothes came from the great-grandparents, and just a few were from GB & Ol' Pa. Thanks Great Grandparents - it was fun going shopping with Jenna and AJ! - GB.

Loosey said...

And yes, I would like to come every month, Pa permitting! :-) It's handy that it's such an easy journey. I'd like to see my Kali Pie every month too, but NC is such a pain to get to! I'm just glad we were all together for the Holidays - it was wonderful! Ol' Pa and I are very lucky parents & grandparents.