Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Super Baby

And no, "Super Baby" doesn't refer to Aidan's flying position in these photos; I'm referring to the fact that he's only worn one outfit today! Et tu, spit-up, Brutus?

Now he's just got to work on his nursing etiquette!

BTW, at his 2-month appointment he was 23.5", 11 lbs 3 oz, and 15 cm head circumference (90%, 70%, 25%, respectively). Looks like Aidan might have inherited his dad's -- shall we say -- "shallow" dome.

(Even though this says "posted by Jenna", it's actually Isaac ... you see, Jenna's Gmail is on FireFox and I've got Chrome ... and Blogger only works with FireFox.)


Loosey said...

Only one outfit? Does that mean we won't be going clothes shopping after all??? Banish that thought!

Unknown said...

Funny that Blogger (owned by Google) doesn't work with Chrome.

Isaac said...

Yeah, it's weird. Chrome dies any time you try and upload a photo via Blogger.