Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Day of Firsts

Aidan went to day-care today for a few hours this afternoon - he did great! He had a bottle right after we left, played a little, napped a little, and then was having another bottle when I got back. It was so cute, the other little kids were standing up against the couch, watching him. They all really liked him. He seemed perfectly happy, so I was relieved.

Isaac and I also had our first ride together since early last year, and it was also Isaac's first ride in about 6 weeks I think. It was really warm but super windy. We went out to 36 and saw all the burned areas - there was a wildfire in the foothills yesterday that burned 100 acres!

More cute photos of Aidan coming soon, we need to make some dinner and stuff.

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Loosey said...

That's great that he did so well. Now GB, I mean you, can stop whittling!