Saturday, February 28, 2009

More photos from last weekend

It's been a crazy week - Aidan had his first cold and I had to go to Boston for a one night! So, I'm finally getting around to posting some photos from last weekend.

Leibigs 'n' Aidan

Theresa loved holding and playing with Aidan, and he loved her!

With Aunt Jesse.

Thomas loves his mommy!

Jacinta got some baby time.

After a long day, Aidan totally passed out at his Baptism party! We had about 30 people at the Pumphouse Brewery for dinner, and then awesome ice cream cake from Glacier. mmmm.

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Suzanne said...

Hey Jenna, these photos are great! You know the babies are completely asleep when they thrw their hands up in the air like that. If you are able to, and you want to see one of the cutest baby pic I've seen in a long time, you should try to find the cover of the June 1980 issue of National Geographic. It is amazing.