Friday, March 20, 2009

Aidan in Tucson

Having fun in Nola's vibrating chair.


The butterfly pavilion.

Toothy grin.

Asleep at Agua Caliente park.

Going for a dip in a swimming pool.

On his playmat.

Impromptu bedtime.

My right foot.

With mommy at the zoo.

Is there any amount of cute that will get me out of this hat?

After seeing Derrick and Nola's tricks, Aidan decided it was time to step up his mobility game.


Loosey said...

Great photos! AJ doesn't look too sure about the pool, but I love all the toothy grins! What a happy baby he is! Glad you had a good time!

Jenna said...

AJ was actually enjoying the pool, but wasn't sure what to think when Isaac tilted him back a little more! That picture was just so funny we decided it was cuter than the other ones. He was perfectly happy in all the rest of the photos, I swear!

Turkey Dave said...

Great pix! I'm glad you guys have a great time, it sure looks like Aidan did.
Were you excited to get some rides in and relax???