Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Granny Blake and Ol' Pa...

...came to visit AJ this past weekend! We're getting these weekends down now - lots of eating and playing with Aidan, then Isaac and my dad do house projects while my mom and I shop!

His eyes are still super blue, and he's even growing some hair on top now!

It was hard to share him since I'd just had my first trip away from him, but I think they got lots of Aidan time!

Kisses from GB.

Playing with Ol' Pa.

Isaac went to move Aidan from his play mat to the blanket, so Aidan decided to bring the whole playmat with him! He held on and carried it across the room!

Cute little smirk from Aidan. The little monster on his shirt matches him with his two teeth!

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Loosey said...

Nice Blog! Wish we were coming again this weekend - I miss that Boy! (And you & Isaac, of course, Jenna!) :-)