Thursday, March 26, 2009

Snow Day

The front range is finally getting snow, just in time for spring! We've been in an epic drought this winter down here at 5,000'. I suppose the ski resorts have been getting snow, but I wouldn't be the person to ask -- I've been priced out of that particular activity (a terribly ironic statement coming from a cyclist).

This is a typical morning sight these days. Aidan goes to bed in the center of the crib on his back, but he rolls over and nudges up the side until he's in the corner. I like to think that he prefers the corner because he's looking for hugs from his faux daddy.

Aidan has been diving for the computer keyboard lately, so we decided it was time to get him something to play with. The box says this toy is for 2+ years; so I guess Aidan is playing at a two-year-old level (like the California Achievement Tests telling 4th-graders that they read at an 8th-grade level).

Aidan's snow day outfit.

AP stock photo of Isaac shoveling snow.

1 comment:

Loosey said...

What a cutie! He'll be playing that keyboard before you know it. I'm thinking he needs a child laptop next! Gotta push that Boy!

Enjoy the snow!