Thursday, April 23, 2009


Today was my last day at InfoPrint. People were pretty bummed I was leaving, so they teased me for being a "short-timer"! :-) I've been there 3 years, but some of them have been at IBM/InfoPrint for more than 40 years! I really enjoyed working there so it was a hard decision to leave. I hope I like the new job as much!

My department and some other work friends took me out for lunch last Friday. I decided to bring Aidan so everyone could see him again and I could spend some extra time with him on a work day.

Clock-wise from bottom left: Janet, Bart, Mike, Jenna, Aidan, Tim, Greg, Joe, Carl, Steve, Bill, Mack, Gary, Tania, Will, and Holly

Mike helped feed Aidan! :-)

The last day came and went so quick, I couldn't believe it. I scrambled to get everything wrapped up and documented and passed on, but of course there's never enough time. I left it all in good hands though, so I'm not worried.

This time next week we'll be in Massachusetts!


Loosey said...

How come AJ isn't eating his veggies? He looks terrified of those chop sticks!!!

Great Grandad Len said...

We hope you have made the correct decision. Good luck for the future.
Love you
Grandad Len