Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Totally Addicted...

... to taking pictures of my little cutie! He's just so adorable all the time, it's impossible not to take tons of photos.

Yesterday he wore shorts to school for the first time, so of course he looked totally cute with his little legs out!

He's been working on his sitting skills. He can sit up for a while but doesn't actually pull himself up to that position yet.

He still loves standing too - obviously he can't balance by himself but he's pretty strong and does support himself really well.

I took Aidan for a walk after work yesterday, and he looked around and chewed on his toy the whole time!

mmm... purple

I had Isaac take a quick photo of us together too!


Loosey said...

Great photos! You look wonderful and it's nice to see a photo of you with your Boy! He looks like a cute little leprechaun in green!

Great Grandad Len said...

You both look good. Hugs