Sunday, April 5, 2009

Weekend In

Aidan hasn't been feeling very well today, but after some baby Motrin and some milk, he finally went down for a nap. He was still playful earlier, but his temperature went back up a bit and he just wanted hugs most of the morning.

We were supposed to have a blizzard yesterday, but I think it missed us and went north, and we only got an inch. It's still been cold though so we haven't done a whole lot. We did have great sushi last night, but it's mostly been an indoor weekend.

Just playing on the floor.

Yet another picture of those big blue eyes! :-)

In other news, we got out the doorway bouncer for Aidan to try yesterday, and he loved it! No more swing for AJ since that was on loan from the Kaminski's, who just had a baby boy! Now, his entertainment while we're upstairs is this new bouncy toy from my friend Tania.

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Loosey said...

He's starting to look like Isaac!!! He's so cute! Love the bouncy thing, and obviously, he does too!