Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Aidan @ Seven Months

Aidan's 7-month birthday is today. I barely got used to him being 6 months old, now I have to get used to saying he's 7 months already!
So, right now, AJ:
- has four teeth!
- sits up well
- crawls up and over things with his military crawl
- gets up on his hands and knees, but doesn't yet take any "steps" with his knees
- loves chasing after power cords, cell phones, and anything else we don't want him to get
- likes spinning things, flashing lights, and music
- eats lots of mixed fruits and veggies, started trying some puffs
- likes playing with his cousins that he gets to see more now!

4 teeth and a big smile - looking through the window of his new toy. [Click for a bigger version to really see the teeth!]

He got sent home yesterday with a fever, and even today it was at 104, so we've been pretty busy with that. Leigh watched him today and Chip is going to come down tomorrow to help.

I did have a nice Mother's Day, I didn't get to blog about that with all the weekend events, but Isaac/Aidan got me a nice digital photo frame to have at work for all my AJ pictures. I love it! Isaac made a set of clues and riddles I had to solve to find it. Since I'd barely gotten any sleep that night, it took me a lot longer to figure out than it should have!


joel.white said...

He is such a cute kid, love the big grins. Glad you sent me the link for the blog, I enjoy being able to see the updates.

Loosey said...

Wow, all those teeth already! He's just so cute! Can't wait to see him again - Lucky Leigh and Skip getting to look after him!

Loosey said...

Had to post another comment! He just makes me happy! I love seeing that cute grinning little face! Makes me smile every time.