Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Aidan's First Day at School

Aidan's first day at Bright Horizons was on Monday, and he seems really happy there so far! It's really close by and the facilities and teachers seem great, so I'm a happy mom. Work is really good too, although I'm looking forward to my Friday off this week (and every week!) to get extra Aidan time.

I got these photos and an email from the director over there. She said: "Aidan had an awesome first day. He loved the tunnel and was mesmerized by the bubbles."

We got our PODS yesterday so we finally had a real bed and some kitchen stuff last night. Should be able to unload the rest tonight.


Loosey said...

I was so glad to see such happy photos of our little treasure! He's just adorable and I'm sure all the teachers will love him!

Glad you got your bed too. Have fun getting the rest of the stuff out tonight!

Colin said...

Don't forget Monkey!