Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dancy Outings

Since we got to Shrewsbury we've already gotten to see a middle school play and a soccer game. Carmen was in the crew of the play "How to Eat Like a Kid" and got to do a few things on stage (like pulling the wagon across), and it was a really funny play! I was once again impressed with the camera and lens - no flash and a dark auditorium.

Aidan had fun with Uncle Abram during the intermission - he liked feeling his beard!

Yesterday Aidan and I saw the end of Carmen's soccer game, which they won 1-0! We'll catch some of Sarai's basketball games over the next few weeks too.


Loosey said...

Glad you are enjoying being back with the Dancy Clan! We miss you though! See you in July!

Option said...

hey Jenna, what camera and lens do you have??? And what settings did you use for the auditorium photo?