Tuesday, May 26, 2009

First Ear Infection

Aidan wasn't himself all weekend, and today we found out it really was an ear infection... in both ears... and one had burst :-( Poor kid!

He managed to find ways to prop himself up while sleeping, I guess because it felt better to keep his head elevated. Smart little guy! Here he is after we went to the pool but didn't actually go swimming. I didn't put him to bed that way!

We had a nice time at Abram and Leigh's for a Memorial Day cookout. Aidan managed some smiles with Uncle Abram!

And he loved seeing Sarai through the window!

He's figuring things out more and more and remembering/recognizing things. Today at school the teachers wrote that he got all excited and smiley when he saw the stroller and knew that he was going to go out on a walk! Tonight he was opening and closing the door on his house to hear the noises.

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Loosey said...

Poor little treasure! Hope he's back to 100% soon. Love the photo of a Boy and His Monkey!