Monday, May 18, 2009

Purgatory Chasm

Yesterday we took Aidan on his first hike - about a half a mile long I think! We went with the other Dancy Clan, although Joey replaced Sarai for this trip. Aidan enjoyed being outside and in the backpack looking around.

Hanging out with Daddy.

I was excited to carry AJ until we got there and realized how rocky it was! So, I let Isaac take the pack instead.

Abram, Rachel, and Tobin coming down from a higher section (we stayed on the flat part while they went up there and Joey sang/screamed to scare the bears away).

He's always a happy boy!

At the end we went to the playground, and Aidan absolutely loved the swing. It does look huge for him, but the way it kind of naturally leaned him forward, he was pretty secure - and I think I only pushed him about 5 degrees up! I'll have to take him to the park in town on my day off!

Lots of blogging lately, but lots of great photos that have to go in the family album, and lots of happenings. We're having a great time in Massachusetts!

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Loosey said...

Looks like you are really loving being back with the Dancy Clan, and that's wonderful!

Look at the teeth on that Boy! He is just too cute. And someone amazing must have bought him that hat!!! ;-)