Sunday, May 24, 2009

Trip to New York to see Mira's Gallery

On Friday night we drove down to New York and stayed with Jesse & Anthony, and then on Saturday we went to Mira's show. Aidan did well for the first couple of hours of the car ride, then he had a major melt-down! He had a bit of rough night sleeping too, but eventually morning came and he was happy to see lots of people. I think he was recovering from the food allergy, had a slight fever, and was in the middle of a growth spurt and wanted to eat a lot, so considering how he was feeling he had a great day!

Mira just finished her Master of Fine Arts degree from Columbia. Congrats, Mira!

The Dancy boys studying Mira's paintings.

Aidan had lots of smiles for Max!

Travel monkey came along too!

Another Mira original, around the corner from the others.

We had a great time seeing more of the family. Aidan has now met 9 of his 10 blood aunts/uncles. Next up - Ada! We walked around New Rochelle, we had a picnic out at the harbor near Jesse's house, and we watched Jacinta and Antonia perform their dance routines. It was a really fun trip!


Loosey said...

Glad you had a good trip and that AJ recovered from his melt-down. I think he was missing Big Monkey, myself! Have you noticed how he likes to look at the camera. The kid is a poser already. :-) Can't imagine where he gets that from!

Turkey Dave said...

Wow lots of updates.
It sounds like you guys are definately keeping busy.
You guys are on the ultimate family tour!!
There's enough people to just keep rotating through one per weekend indefinately.

We miss you Aidan (say hi to your uber cool parents for us!)