Friday, June 12, 2009

Aidan @ Eight Months

Two-thirds of a year already! I couldn't let today go by without posting an update.

At 8 months, AJ:
- Crawls around well on his hands and knees
- Pulls himself up on everything he can
- Seems to recognize his own name, or at least that someone is trying to get his attention
- Loves taking a bath in the big tub
- Presses buttons and opens/closes doors on his house to hear the music
- Likes reading touchy-feely books with me
- Loves going in the jogger with me and in the big stroller at school
- Feeds himself puffs and cheerios
- Smiles for the camera
- Kicks his legs happily when he's excited
- Weighs about 16.5 pounds (he's pretty little for 8 months!)


He can't actually use the walker yet, but I help him try it out.

Ding-dong! Pushing the doorbell.

Checking out the lion's fluffy tail in "That's Not My Lion".

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Loosey said...

8 months already! Hardly seems possible! What a fantastic kid he is! I just loves him! Can't wait to see him for his 9 month "birthday"!