Saturday, June 13, 2009

Jacob's Graduation

Dancy #9 has graduated from MHS!

Dancy #5.1 had some fun in his stroller, but then channeled his inner escape artist.

Mom and baby.

Jacob on the post-graduate perp walk.

Mom and Dad with Dancys #5 and #9.

Grandpa cleaned up Daddy's old toy for Aidan to try!

The "Crazy [C]oupe" has now serviced two generations. Not sure it'll survive another 25 years.

Kristen stopped by to see Aidan, whose mid-night/2am/4am snacking has finally led to a little midsection bulge...

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Loosey said...

Do you know that that red car is the #1 selling car in the US??? I saw that on the news recently! And they obviously last too! AJ looks like he needs one of his own since that one will probably have to stay at Grandpa's house!