Thursday, July 9, 2009

First Report Card

Aidan got his first "Domain Report" at school this week. It was so cute to see their assessment of him. For each topic, they select a few statements to describe his current stage, and then add a personal write-up about him. They have sections for Sense of Self, Social Relations, Creative Representation, Movement, Communication & Language, and Exploration & Early Logic.

Here are some cute exerts:

When we sing or play music, Aidan will bounce his body to the music while sitting up. Aidan is successfully crawling and pulling himself to a standing position when holding onto a small table or shelf. Aidan pushes objects away from him and follows them by crawling, then pushes the objects away again.

When he is given paint, he uses his hands to smear it across the paper and tap his hands up and down on the paper. When given jello or play dough, he squeezes it in his hands. Aidan enjoys reading books and looking at pictures of people and children's faces.

When Aidan's name is called, he responds immediately by looking up at the person who called his name. He babbles while playing, saying "ba-ba-ba". When he holds a book, he brings it to his mouth and turns the pages. He enjoys singing songs and reading stories and smiles and laughs along with them.

Aidan holds objects in both hands and taps them together in order to hear the sound that they make. Aidan plays peek-a-boo with adults by waiting for the adult to appear.

Aidan successfully helps himself by reaching and crawling toward certain toys and people. He crawls over objects or moves objects in order to get what he wants.

Aidan crawls into his primary caregiver's lap voluntarily. He enjoys playing peek-a-boo with her and he happy to see her at the start of each day. If Aidan is upset, he is comforted when his caregiver picks him up, talks to him, and hugs him.

It's always hard being away from him, but I'm glad he's getting lots of good interaction and plenty of stimulation. It seems like his teachers really do know him and spend quality time playing with him. He also has really cute photo memory book at school that they write in!

I'm so glad it's Thursday night and I get 3 days with my boy!!!

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Loosey said...

I'm so glad he is at such a nice day care!