Sunday, July 19, 2009

Girls' Birthday Sleepover

Carmen turned 11 on Thursday and Rachel is turning 8 on Wednesday, so we had a birthday sleepover for them! They had wanted to stay over here in Aidan's room, so it made a good birthday event.

Aidan loves having cousins over to play with him.

We went to Osaka where they cook in front of you. Carmen was trying to catch some food in her mouth from the chef.

Aidan enjoyed the show too, especially the Onion Volcano!

Afterward, we went to Shelly's for ice cream. Rachel loves that it's her nickname!

Last night we watched the movie "Big" as part of the series of classic movies the Dancy kids have been watching. Well, by classic we mean '80s and early '90s movies that we all remember!

This morning we went to Old Navy where the girls each got an outfit - including some cool sunglasses! Then we enjoyed some smoothies before heading home.

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Zoe said...

I've still never seen Big!