Saturday, July 4, 2009

July 3rd & July 4th

Yesterday was our 4 year anniversary, so we actually went out on a dinner date, sans bebé! We had spent most of the day looking at houses in Bolton, Boylston, and Clinton, and think we found a winner. We've got to check out a couple more in Shrewsbury, but hopefully we'll be able to move soon. AJ was a trooper getting dragged to so many showings!

Today was a busy day, entertaining Aidan at home all morning with anything we could think of, then heading up to NH for a barbeque at Kristen's and stopping by Grandma and Grandpa's.

Since Aidan keeps trying to type on the keyboard, we took it off the desk and let him have at it! He thought it was fun to bang on it, sit on it, and chase it around.

Looks like the same photo from a couple of weeks ago, I just love the color blue in that shirt with his eyes!

I think it's the Isaac pout! Didn't last long but it's there!

He didn't quite know what to think of the cute dog!

Grandma and Grandpa saved some remotes for AJ to play with! He loved banging them on the floor. Hopefully these will actually substitute for our real ones at home that he's always trying to get.


Loosey said...

Yeah, like he's not going to want the REAL remotes! He'll soon figure out the difference!

Isaac's pout, and luckily, Isaac's eyelashes too! He is so cute!

Isaac said...

That's why we pretend to use the fake remotes when watching TV!

Annette said...

I hadn't even noticed the pout picture until I was looking for a place to comment that I'm seeing more Isaac in him these days. The pout... yup! :)