Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Quarter Century Club

I joined the club on Monday! We had a party on Saturday since Rachel, Carmen, Leigh and I all had birthdays. Lots of family came over and we had chocolate mousse cake. Then on Monday Isaac and I went out for lunch and we all went to the Natick Mall for shopping and gelato that night.

I tried my flash a little tonight and I was definitely impressed with how much more natural looking it was. With low ambient light and only the basic lens, and no retouching at all, the new flash made a big difference.

Standard camera flash.

New flash bouncing off the ceiling.

Hopefully this weekend I can spend some time really figuring out how to use it and control it manually.


Loosey said...

Mini-Pa loves his house!

James, Britt, Kali, and Carolina said...

Let me know how the new flash works out, been wondering if it is all I have ever needed :) Hope you guys have a good weekend!