Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Aidan @ Ten Months

Aidan really changed over the last month! He's looking much bigger and older, has figured out a ton, and eats much more real food.

At 10 months, Aidan:
- Loves to wave - it's the cutest wave - straight out, nice and high!
- Pushes his walker by himself
- Learned to clap
- Just went through a growth spurt where he started eating almost double the solid food he used to eat!
- Figures out how to open things and get into things and climb onto things
- Remembers where things are that we don't want him to play with
- Has 6 teeth
- Knows what "no" means and doesn't like it!

Some waving and walking photos from tonight in his pj's:

And a photo from Leigh from the weekend:

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Loosey said...

Great photos, as usual. But you won't fool him for long with that remote that doesn't really work! Love his jammies too!