Sunday, August 16, 2009

Always Smiling

A quick outdoor shot of my little cutie from today:

It's the end of another fun weekend, but only one week and then vacation! We really didn't do that much, but still had a good time. We realized - happily - it's the last weekend in the apartment (we'll be traveling for the next two, then moving in). Aidan put up with a lot of scouting shopping at IKEA today, happily looking around at everything and everyone.

On Friday Aidan hung out with me and we played with some Play-Doh in his new lion travel chair.

I bought Isaac a new mailbox since he's been so excited that the new house will have a real mailbox instead of a community set. So, I surprised him on Friday with a personalized one, ready to install. Aidan thought it was pretty fun to put stuff in all weekend!

Last weekend we went to a house warming party and a lot of people were playing Bago - so we let Aidan play with the mini set. He was great at getting the bean bags in, he showed us how easy it was if you just stood right next to it! Thanks to Morgan for the cute picture.

Since we've been accused of only posting smiley pictures, here's a face that lasted about 3 seconds after Isaac took the rock out of Aidan's hand that he was trying to eat... :-)

But seriously, he really does smile all the time, not just in the photos! We never go out without someone commenting on his smile or his big blue eyes.

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Loosey said...

It was all he'd ever wanted, that rock! What a meanie Isaac is!

Love the mailbox! :-)