Saturday, August 1, 2009

Playing around

Finally some more AJ photos! I didn't get a chance to do my usual Friday blog as I was busy baby-sitting a few extra kids yesterday. Although, it's more like they're here helping baby-sit Aidan; they love playing with him and he loves having extra company.

Today has been a little quieter, Isaac let me sleep in a bit, then we went for a run, went to the grocery store, and have been playing inside. But, it's a beautiful day and we're going to the pool again soon!

Onto the photos... Lots of them!

Aidan loves knocking over his new tower.

And he likes to reach out and wave now too!

Oh, I see two monkeys!! I'm going to get them!
(Yes, we starting integrating the second travel monkey, who we call "White Monkey" since he's so clean, so that we won't have any traumatic experiences if one is missing).

Almost there...

Got 'em both!

Another cute smile for another tower to knock over.

On its way down from the ledge on the house.

The tower pulls apart and makes 5 different balls too! They're great for chasing around the apartment and banging together, they make an awesome loud noise. And, they all nestle inside each other too. It's one of those really cool, really useful, really simple toys. Definitely a good $6 spent at Target.


Loosey said...

He looks like Ol' Pa with those shorts!

Loosey said...

BTW, I'm glad that White Monkey is getting to play now too!

Great Grandad Len said...

Wow! Is he growing fast.