Sunday, September 27, 2009

Weekend at Home

We finally spent a weekend just at home, although of course still super busy trying to unpack and set things up. But, we did get to have a lot of fun too. On Saturday Aidan and I went to Rachel's soccer game while Isaac and Abram went out for a ride, then when we got back it was my turn to go ride with Leigh. Isaac and I seriously need to get back into shape!

Aidan loved clapping for Rachel's team when everyone else did!

Rachel scored a goal! Her team won too.

We started our family dinner swap on Friday, but then with all the other stuff going on we had another impromptu dinner over here on Saturday too, and Steve and Leah also came to visit!

We had a lot of giggles all weekend from AJ, especially when running around and popping out to surprise him.

Today Aidan passed out for over 2 hours in the stroller while we went shopping, then had more smiles while we played in his room.

Isaac got 4 sets of shades installed today, and we finally put up towel racks and a mirror. We also picked up Aidan's new Pottery Barn play table!! More pictures to come as we set up the house.

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Loosey said...

Sounds like you all had a good weekend, and you even got to ride! Life is good, obviously!