Monday, September 21, 2009

Whirlwind Weekend in San Jose

Isaac, Aidan, and I flew to California this weekend to attend Dave and Jimena's wedding and to visit my parents. It was a short trip, but we packed in a ton and had a blast.

I think AJ's favorite activity was playing with the Star Wars Lightsaber on the iPhone. He loved swinging it all around, hearing the cool sound it made, and it was so cute watching him.

Getting Ol' Pa with the phone - wearing a matching shirt but with monkeys and elephants!

Aidan giggles hysterically while we run around with him on my shoulders!

Posing out back.

On Saturday Ol' Pa and GB watched Aidan while we went to the wedding. They had a great time at the park going on the swing and the slides, and we had a fun night out. The wedding was at a beautiful vineyard so we enjoyed having nice red wine all night!

Ready for the wedding.

Aidan had been perfect on the flight out there, but the way back was another story. It was funny being on the other side of the crying baby on an airplane - and it's definitely worse! I felt so bad that he was unhappy and making noise and we couldn't figure out a way to make it better. But, eventually he passed out and slept in my arms the rest of the way to Boston and then right on through to 6:30 this morning. I guess he was just overtired from all the excitement but not letting himself nap in his car seat.

Tonight we had chicken and mashed potatoes and he actually used the spoon to feed himself potatoes!

Thanks Ma & Pa for the night off!


Loosey said...

It was definitely our pleasure! Fantastic weekend, fantastic little boy! We love him! And you and Isaac too, of course!

Loosey said...

BTW, I'm glad he hadn't learned to feed himself BEFORE you came to our house!!! ;-) EEEEK!

Great Grandad Len said...

We are pleased you had a great weekend. What a gorgeous smile. Longing to meet him.

Leah said...

Its nice to see that my prom dress is still making the rounds! Looks good!

Theresa Leibig said...

Jenna, looking hot! (this is Cora)