Monday, October 12, 2009

Aidan's First Birthday

Aidan's birthday is actually Columbus Day, so around here we all have the day off! What a perfect day to be born; there's always a long weekend, but it's not a serious holiday that interferes with having a birthday! This year we were lucky that Columbus Day fell on a Monday so it was his actual birthday that we were off work and school.

Bright and early this morning, AJ and I were up, playing with his new toys at his play table.

Daddy came down and built him a tree house!

This afternoon we hiked up Wachusett Mountain with the Dancy Clan, and it turned out to be a great length hike. Hiking short distances is lots of fun!

Aidan was so glad once we finally took the hat off - although he had some serious hat hair!

No more monthly updates, but I've got to include his one year status to put in his baby book. At 1 year, Aidan:
- Walks all over the place; stops, turns, bends down, backs up
- Points at things that he wants
- Can climb onto his table with no help
- Has a big belly laugh
- Has 8 teeth
- Eats lots of cheese!

I'll add more as I remember what I wanted to include, but I'm exhausted and need an early night!


Suzanne said...

Happy Birthday Aidan! It looks like ya'll had a great weekend. I'm jealous of Aidan's teeth, Ella only has one...By the way, Ella loves to look at pictures of Aidan on the computer; I tell her all about her cousin up north.

Loosey said...

Love the photos, love all that Duplo, the table, the jammies with the bear saying I'm not sleepy, the unhappy face with the hat and the smiles when the hat came off! And Daddy must be an engineer! Great tree house!