Saturday, October 31, 2009

It's a bird... it's a plane... it's...


Aidan was the best superman ever!

We had a great time at his Halloween party yesterday; Aidan was happy to run around as Superman and see all his friends. I think they were all thoroughly confused why they all looked so silly!

Superman to the rescue!

Playing with the cute lady bug.

Hanging out with his teachers, plus the Monkey and Hulk.

He practiced flying with daddy!

And thought it was so much fun.

Not sure what to think of all the kids at the sing-a-long.

His bud Evan was a Lion, sans hat :-)

Hanging with the Hulk.

Arms up, ready to fly!

Today we went to Rachel's game and Superman came along. Of course all the fans loved him, and I think he was lucky - Rachel scored an awesome goal and her team won!


Loosey said...

It's Super Mini-Pa!!! He is so cute! Love the first photo - He can fly!!!

Great Grandad Len said...

Aidan looks gorgeous. We are longing to hold him.