Monday, October 12, 2009

Perfect Day

After all the excitement, all the planning, and all the preparations, Aidan's birthday was just as much fun as we'd hoped. We had a wonderful day with friends and family, and continued partying into the night after AJ finally conked out from the crazy day.

We have so many photos, so the easiest thing is just to add captions to share the day with you.

Aidan helped me tie his big "1" and monkey balloon to the mailbox.

He loved carrying around his little blue balloon. I made the monkey shirt with his name and a big "1" on the back :-)

Playing with daddy before the party started.

We decorated with lots of balloons and monkeys and blue and yellow.

After having a light dinner, we all gathered around Aidan's playroom to watch him open gifts.

He got right into tearing off wrapping paper!

The younger girls,

the older girls,

and the in-between girls.

He loved his new bath toy - now he can run the faucet without wasting water!

Looking at new books with daddy.

After a quick outfit change, we came back to open the big Lego Zoo.

The kids built him a tower to knock down.

Time for a quick Daddy hug.

Rachel built up some of the zoo pieces,

And Carmen and Sohpie built a tower bigger than them!

Finally, it was time to enjoy the monkey cake that we'd been looking at all day. I was happy with how it came out, people couldn't believe I made it :-)

Leigh snapped this cool photo of the cake.

Aidan was a little scared at first!

But he got into it.

We helped him blow out his candle

And he finally got to dig in!

Mmmm... chocolate frosting. He quietly worked at it for a few minutes, and then announced with his cute sign language when he was "All Done!"

Chip made an awesome black forest cake for Marie's birthday too.

We all sang, and Marie managed to blow out all the candles in one go!

Luke and Tobin enjoyed the cake.

Carmen and Sophie played with Jack-in-the-box-Sock-Monkey. It terrifies Aidan!

Pajama time. Such a cute pose.

More giggles with his new toys.

Fun with mommy.

After bed-time, we got some coffee and then built a fire!

Thank you for everyone who came! We had a blast and Aidan got a lot of fun and interesting toys. We were playing with them all morning and I have even more cute photos to post later!

Perfect timing - Aidan is just waking up from his morning nap now! I thought it was much more fun to post pictures than to clean up...

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Loosey said...

Great Blog, great photos, great cake, and looks like it was a great party too! Oh, and love the monkey shirt!