Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pig in a Cup, Monkey in a Box

Aidan amused himself and us for ages on Sunday night just by putting a little piglet in a cup and pulling it back out! He giggled and giggled and kept showing us how he could do it, so I couldn't help but take some photos.

He ran around all night super happy, laughing non-stop.

He's even warmed up to the Sock-Monkey-Jack-in-the-Box! The first time it popped out he was totally freaked out, but since then he's learned the song and anticipates the "pop" with excitement. He's still a little nervous, but now it ends with laughing instead of crying.

Tonight Grandpa, Jacob, and Marita stopped by to say hi - Jacob is home on break for a few days, so we were glad we got to see them!

We actually didn't know they were coming until after I'd already started making Shepherd's Pie for the first time ever. So, it worked out well that we had a big dish to serve, and it tasted pretty good! But, all that time in the kitchen reminded me why I don't normally cook...

The Dancy Clan came over after dinner too. It's convenient only being a few miles apart, that's for sure!

Jacob really liked Aidan's new lego animals, they're like the ones he used to have!

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Loosey said...

Wow, does Jacob look like Isaac, or what!!!