Saturday, October 24, 2009

Playing on the Parquet

Today Isaac got to play basketball at the TD Garden, where the Boston Celtics play! We were so excited to see what it was like to be right down there on the floor. We were actually surprised how small it felt, it always seems bigger from the stands. It was definitely a neat experience to be there!

It just wouldn't be a blog posting without lots of AJ photos too, so here you go!

Aidan loved picking up the basketball.

And chasing them.

It was fun to find the big box of basketballs!

We walked around Boston for a little while after the game, and then came home to hang out with Kristen and Lindsey. It was like good ol' times again, we had a blast cooking dinner and playing with Aidan.

This photo literally made me laugh out loud :-)

Lindsey helped Aidan try on my Uggs! He actually managed to take a few steps!

After dinner we made S'mores in the fireplace.

Here's the old photo of us!


Loosey said...

I'll have to find a photo of James I have where he has long boots on, probably Wellies! It might even be the 2 of you! Looks like another fun day for AJ and Fam!

Turkey Dave said...

Isaac! You have some 'splainin to do son! You're back east a few months, and you're already pulling strings to play ball at the GARDEN ????

Are you sure you're new job isn't "the fixer" ? :-)

ps. You're looking like a natural b-ball player!

Loosey said...

You found the photo I was talking about!