Friday, October 30, 2009

Total Cuteness

When I picked Aidan up from school the other day, he ran towards me and gave me a big hug and patted my back! It was the best hug ever! He's just so funny and so cute.

He's really good at peak-a-boo these days, he loves when Isaac helps him sneak out of different places and surprise me! I never know where I'll see him next - along the floor, up at the ceiling, or somewhere in between. He loves it, and I love seeing his little smiling face pop out.

Today he had his 1 year check-up, which unfortunately meant shots and getting blood drawn. But, he was a trooper and after the initial shock it hasn't seemed to bother him.

We played outside for a little while and he got to try out his new coat from his great-grandma, and soon we're heading to his school's Halloween party!

Yay, mom finally let me pick up some firewood!

Of course he found the faucet.

And he loved when the school bus and then the trash truck came by!

Can't wait to see Aidan all dressed up. It's a surprise what he's going to be!

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Loosey said...

What's he gonna be? What's he gonna be??? Please tell!